Our Belief in a Cure

This website was started by a couple of passionate health food enthusiasts who had both lost people to cancer. Ruth Zimmerman and Lily-Anne Edwards are neither health practitioners nor claim to have the answers. But we wanted a website where we can explore our interest which is the healing power of nature. On this blog we’ll be writing about plants which heals, and we’ll be putting forward evidence for each.

What we Know

We know that certain plants offer protective healing qualities thanks to certain phytochemicals within their structure. Some of these compounds appear to have the capacity to prevent, impede or delay cancer, while some may even cure it.  Some of the most common ones to date are:

  • Turmeric – active ingredient curcumin
  • Soybean – active ingredient genistein
  • Tea – active ingredient polyphenols
  • Grapes – reversatrol
  • Phytoplankton – caretonoids
  • Cruciferous vegetables – isothiocyanates
  • Garlic – diallyl sulfide
  • Rosemary – rosmarinic acid
  • Parsley – apigenin
  • Ginger – gingerol
  • Black Raspberry – anthocyanins
  • Milk Thistle –  silymarin